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P&G Gyöngyös - Julien Doussot – plant manager interview

"When P&G expands in a region, the objective is to create a local Network of capabilities and suppliers to become regionally self sufficient" - interview with Julien Doussot P&G plant manager. 


How did the pandemic affect the production of the P&G factory in Gyöngyös, what new measures were introduced from the spring?

During the whole pandemic, we have multiplied measures to protect our employees, with very early adoption of masks and social distancing. We also made it a priority, while ensuring they remain safe at all time, tokee pallour P&G Gyongyos colleagues in employment. Along with the sanitary measures, in the long run, it is the best way tokee pour colleagues safe and support our consumers needs for healthcare products in these difficult times.

How does P&G in Gyöngyös protect its office workers and factory workers during the epidemic?

Our employees have been incredibly supportive and responsive since day One. From the beginning of the crisis, all office workers have between 1 and 5 days work from Home depending on the type of work they perform, allowing social distancing at all time in office space. On the lines, our equipment owners a real so paying attention to keep the 2m distance and breakrooms, canteens, resting areas and Bus service have been multiplied to protect all employees by allowing social distancing at all time.

P&G's factory in Gyöngyös, which currently employs more than 600 people, produces high-quality products from 2017, the packaging of Braun electric razors and women's epilators, as well as the assembly and production of Oral-B toothbrushes will also be carried out here. In what volumes are these products made, is it expected that the range of manufactured products will expand in the future?

Indeed, we are packing the entire Europe & IMEA volumes for Braun razor and epilator assortment, as well asassembling and packing several million Handles for our Oral B brand. As both volumes are growing, we are continuing to expand the site, investing in high technology equipment to support the Business with the right cost structure.

From the beginning, P&G has partnered with hundreds of local suppliers, 80 percent of those are Hungarian companies. Why is this important for the company? Has been this ratio changed in any direction in recent years?

When P&G expands in a region, the objective is to create a local Network of capabilities and suppliers to become regionally self sufficient. As such, working to develop local Hungarian mechanical or electrical maintenance suppliers or bring the raw and pack material supply base closer to our manufacturing location, is of major importanceas it drives the right agility to support the Business need.

What does success mean for P&G in Hungary, what are the goals and guidelines of the company?

P&G Gyongyos is becoming bigger and bigger in the Product Supply Europe Network. Our role to play is to support the Business growth, in an ecosystem where agility and responsivness play a central role, reacting to e-commerce sales volatility. We also need to continue growing competitivness and technical mastery as we become a Product development center for Oral B brushes and Braun Packaging. I have all confidence that we have recruited the right talents among our Technicians and Managers to succeed on all fronts.

What does success mean for the Gyöngyös plant, what results did this year bring?

First and foremost, we have been able to supply all Customer needs during the entire 2020. Given how complex our working environment has become in the crisis, this is truly an oustanding achievement that we owe to the men and women working every shift in the Plant. I would like to take the opportunity to recognize them for the dedication and commitment they have been and continue showing every day in the plant.
In addition, our productivity has significantly increased, again behind the capability increase program and the great mindset of all our employees. 2020 will remain in P&G Gyongyos History as a cornerstone in the development of our site.

The factory represents a high level of sustainable production from the beginning. The factory was among the first in the world to operate without the production of industrial waste, and the industrial wastewater generated during production is almost completely recycled. What other developments paths do you see in this area?

Sustainability is at the forefront of our industrial efforts. We owe it to our Consumer and Customers, as much as to ourselves. Concretely, on top of a significant reduction in our Water and energy consumptions per unit produced, we are operating the site under 100% green energy and Zero Waste to Landfill.

But we need to go beyond. We have also started in April this year a conversion to fully recycable packaging in our products line up. While it will be a long and large investment, we are convinced it is the right thing to do for our planet.

Health, community, pride. Just three words, yet they are all of great significance to P&G. What educational programs are they trying to help and improve the lives of Hungarian consumers?

The Equality&Inclusion program is at the center of many activities in and out of the site. Active to support poor families in our Gyongyos community with a special attention to children at christmas, we are also present in education with classroom refurbishments, an apprenticeship program on site in a dedicated building with soon close to 50 students and numerous other programs to help the life of our Gyongyos Citizen.

We are also extremly focuse do nourgen derequality balance and minority inclusion programs. We know at Procter and Gamble, that an organization that truly reflects all aspects of diversity of the world surrounding us, will perform at way higher level and deliver extraordinary results where other biasedteams fail. This is at the core of who we are.

What local initiatives did they participate in and what CSR activities did they have in 2020?

The pandemic restructured our plans, not all of them could be executed. Our yearly activities to educate 1st grade pupils on site for the proper teethbrushing needed to be skipped, while on our new sustainability flagship program should be postponed as well, however this has not stopped us to act as a good neighbour and use our brands as a force for good, so we were using our products to help people in need country wide, we worked together with Hungarian Red Cross, Hungarian Food Bank, Unicef, SOS Children’sVillages and manysmall local NGOs, and healthcare organizations, like the hospitals in Gyöngyös and Mátraháza and donated hundreds of pallets of various hygiene and personalhygiene products over the value of 70 million HUF.

The Xmasperiod is also an extremely important for us, that is why every year we make the Christmas of many kids brighter, this year Hungarian P&G operations donating tail or made gifts to 103 kids, and we support the SOS Children’s villages in Kecskemét where we could help 200 more kids to make their dreams come true.

In the fall of 2018, a new state-of-the-art workshop was also established on the factory site on its own. How many students visited you, and after the vocational training, were the students able to settle in the factory?

This is a real pride of the site and our Gyongyos community. With an initial investment of several Million Euros in infrastructure and several hundred thousand euros in yearly operating fees, we are now reaching 40 students and the first graduated students, expected in the coming 6 months, have certainly a bright future ahead of them. We are expecting around 50% of them to join the company.


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