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Convenience symbol group Spar has revealed new UK-wide brand positioning, as it looks to champion the ‘local’ message.

In this piece, we cover the five most important sales trends for you to watch as we all move into 2022.

Diageo-owned Guinness has announced that it plans to add the first zero-emission vehicles to its ‘Quality’ fleet this summer.


Brazil's government has said that farmers in the world's largest coffee producer will harvest 55.74 million bags in 2022, 16.8% more than in the previous year, but an amount that is smaller than most in the market expect.

Holland & Barrett is set to open 120 new stores across Greece, Romania and Bulgaria. The health & wellness retailer has struck a deal with one of the leading retail and consumer goods businesses in the region, Fourlis Group.

The pulses are making high-profile appearances in products such as Beyond Chicken, and new research and facilities could elevate the ingredient's quality and reach.

Available in liquid and powder formats, Vegan Boost offers an all-in-one solution to improve the sensory quality of a range of plant-based cake and patisserie products by accentuating buttery and creamy flavors.

Lidl outperformed the rest of the French grocery market in the run up to Christmas, with rival Aldi also putting in a strong performance, the latest data from Kantar has shown.

SPAR has unveiled a new UK-wide brand positioning that celebrates the individual characteristics of its convenience stores.


Coca-Cola HBC has announced that it has completed the acquisition of approximately 52.7% of Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Egypt S.A.E. (CCBCE) from MAC Beverages Limited (MBL) and certain affiliated parties.

Croatia's largest food retailer, Konzum, said on Wednesday that from this month it had introduced an option of paying with cryptocurrencies in its online shops to be the first local retailer offering the payment service.

Using cellular agriculture to produce egg white protein could hold the key to reducing the environmental impact of an ingredient which is crucial to the food industry.

SPAR customers in Slovenia can now buy products created by three Michelin star chefs – Uroš Štefelin, Gregor Vraček and Uroš Fakuč.


Rising COVID-19 infections among US workers have forced meat plants to slow production and the government to replace slaughterhouse inspectors, meat companies and union officials said.


The British arm of discounter Aldi has said that its Christmas performance was boosted by record sales of its premium private label range and strong demand for beer, wine and spirits.

Once upon a time, the French were possibly the biggest consumers of bread in the world. But consumption in the country has declined by half, no less, over the past 50 years.

The UK’s biggest meat alternative brands have added a deluge of NPD to cash in on this year’s Veganuary.

Philadelphia Plant Based features a blend of oats and almonds, which Mondelēz says “creates the creaminess of Philadelphia without the dairy”.

SPAR Austria has announced the appointment of Robert Pichler as its new logistics manager, effective 1 January 2022. He is based at the retailer's Maria Saal headquarters and responsible for logistics and flow of goods.

World food prices jumped 28% in 2021 to their highest level in a decade and hopes for a return to more stable market conditions this year are slim, the UN's food agency said on Thursday.


Dutch retailer Plus has announced that it has received all necessary approvals to complete the merger with Coop Netherlands.

Both 2020 and 2021 were unmistakably impacted by the pandemic, albeit in different ways. During 2020, especially as the COVID-19 crisis was just beginning, mass closures and stay-at-home orders created chaos for retailers as the world tried to understand what precautions to take. Much of the year was purely survival mode, as some retailers drew down cash to stay afloat and others teetering on the edge were tipped into bankruptcy by the sudden blow to sales and liquidity.

Without comprehensive strategy and funding, country will have ‘initiated’ field but will not reap benefits, according to Good Food Institute Israel. The country will need a national strategy to support its growing food tech industry if it hopes to maintain a key role in the sector over the coming years, according to a new report that offers details on a proposed plan.

Serial shortages, Amazon’s arrival and Aldi’s efforts to #FreeCuthbert – 2021 was never dull. Morrisons was snapped up, Sainsbury’s exited wholesale and Mere arrived on UK shores. Oh, and don’t forget Brexit and Covid. Take time to reflect on the past 12 months.

Our report reveals how we’ve we’ve become a nation of homebodies, why potato milk is set to be the next food trend and how TikTok is influencing our shopping lists.

A record number of people are expected to try to eat only plant-based foods this month as growing concern about the climate crisis heightens interest in the Veganuary movement. (via TheGuardian)

Everyone has a foodie friend in their life — and we all know that person can be a bit particular when it comes to their palate. Of course, a “foodie” can mean many things; from someone who’s always fiddling in the kitchen to the person always shouting at the contestants on Top Chef while their own stove stays cold.

Whether it's fast delivery, a focus on local products or building out great private labels, c-stores have some lessons to teach other retailers.


Consumers can enjoy Rutter's Frozen Hot Chocolate Spiked Slushies and 7-Eleven's Winter Wonderland Cocoa.

Active packaging is a form of smart packaging that intentionally absorbs or releases compounds from or to the food incased in it. 


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