Norma saves six tonnes of plastic waste with new herb packaging
German discounter Norma has been able to save six tonnes of raw material each year with the launch of a range of organic herbs in pots made from 100% recycled material.

Following increasing consumer interest in chives, parsley, basil, and other fresh herbs from its own brand, Bio Sonne, Norma developed the organic herbs in recyclable pots to capitalise on this demand in a sustainable manner.

Forrás: ESM Magazine

There is no residual waste from the new pots, as they can be placed in the recycling bin (yellow sack) in Germany, the retailer noted.

To date, approximately half of the plastic from packaging waste is recycled in Germany, and with this move, Norma has committed to eliminating plastic waste, it added.

The manufacturer has already received numerous certificates for the new pots, including the Blue Angel environmental label, confirming the sustainability of the process.

Sustainability initiatives

The new pots are not the only attempt to improve sustainability credentials at Norma. The retailer has been wrapping the herbs in unbleached wet-strength paper for several months, leading to four tonnes of plastic saved a year.

Elsewhere, the packaging of other private-label products has been revised and replaced with more resource-saving alternatives.

In cases where, for example, plastic cannot be recycled for hygiene reasons, the company – in close cooperation with partners and manufacturers – has reduced the thickness of the packaging, in order to save at least a few grams.