Wholesaler Metro still doing business in Russia and Ukraine
Wholesaler Metro said that its businesses in Russia and Ukraine are still operational, with its Russian arm paying salaries and suppliers via international banks not affected by sanctions.

Metro said the majority of products on its shelves were ordered in Russia and it did not currently see any shortages.

The company feels responsible for its more than 10,000 employees in Russia, a spokesperson said, adding, "These people have no personal responsibility for the aggression against Ukraine."

Operations In Ukraine

Metro also said 21 of its 26 stores in Ukraine were open and it was very concerned about its 3,400 employees there, as well as their families, its customers, suppliers and business partners.


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It added none of its employees had been injured in the conflict and it had evacuated employees and their families from its store in Mariupol on the border with Russia, which was closed due to security reasons.

Metro, which has 93 stores in Russia, saw sales in the country rise 18% in the first quarter of its 2021/22 fiscal year to €798 million.

The cash-and-carry firm reported a 20% increase in sales in the first quarter of its financial year, to €7.6 billion, as the business continues its rebound following the easing of COVID-19 restrictions.

Several European retailers, including Ahold Delhaize, SPAR International, Coop Denmark, Caprabo, dm-drogerie markt, Salling Group and others have announced support for humanitarian relief efforts in Ukraine, amidst an escalating conflict in the country.

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